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What is a General Home Inspection


A General Home Inspection is a general evaluation of the homes overall condition. We check all the major systems to identify deficiencies such as, but not limited to, the roof, A/C, electrical, plumbing, exterior, interior and appliances. Roof to slab. This inspection is different from a detailed specialty inspection, which can involve coordinating multiple specialty contractors to perform individual/ separate evaluations of each system.   A General Inspection performed by a licensed home inspector will be completed usually within  2-4 hours, will be a fraction of the cost and will alert you to major issues that require further evaluation by a specialist or contractor that specializes in the component found to have issues.  Our inspection report will identify any safety issues, adverse conditions or issues that could lead to costly repairs. 

General inspections are a non-invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of a residential property, which is designed to identify defects within specific systems and components defined by InterNACHI Standards of Practice that are both observed and deemed material by the inspector.  The scope of work may be modified by the Client and Inspector prior to the inspection process.

A material defect is a specific issue with a system or component of a residential property that may have a significant, adverse impact on the value of the property, or that pose an unreasonable risk to people.  The fact that a system or component is near, at or beyond the end of its normal useful life is not, in itself, a material defect.


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